Mobility Survey: diagnose your travel needs

trainDo you want to get a general understanding of the daily travels of your staff and the traffic problems they are facing?
NMBS/SNCB offers a survey that could help you: Mobility Survey.

The results of this survey allow you to synchronise your mobility issues to the needs of all those involved.
Mobility Survey also helps you completing part of your legal duties.

NMBS/SNCB helps you to prepare that analysis

NMBS/SNCB offers a computerised survey that can help in meeting this requirement. Targeted at company staff, the survey also collects general information as well as specific data per means of transportation. Filling it out takes no more than ten minutes.

The questions in the survey are based on the questionnaire included in the Ministerial Order of 29 November 2004. A few additional questions provide better insight into the habits and needs of employees as regards their home to work travels.

The home to work travel analysis provides a summary of:

  • The traffic streams resulting from your staff's commutes
  • Their motives behind the chosen means of transportation
  • Their motives for commuting
  • The alternatives that could improve the accessibility of their work place
  • The elements that create improved sustainable transportation

How does it work?

The mobility programme is very easy to use:

  • We offer the survey through the internet.
  • We provide you with a personal access code (or multiple codes if there are multiple plants).
  • You distribute the survey to your staff via your internal network. For proper processing of the results, your staff should return the filled out questionnaire within 15 days.
  • The data is transmitted back to our server.
  • After electronic processing of the data the information is incorporated in a report.
  • Once we have all the data, you may expect the final report within ten days.
  • The questionnaire is strictly anonymous. NMBS/SNCB is committed to ensuring your privacy.

If you wish, we discuss the report with you and prepare a customised plan of transportation that offers better mobility for your personnel.

Legal scope

The FPS Mobility and Transport aims to establish better mobility management. A Programme Act was issued for this purpose on 8 April 2003 (title XI).

According to this Act, companies employing at least 100 staff are obliged to chart the home to work travels of their employees. We first complied with this requirement in April 2006.

For the Brussels Region, the circular letter published in the Belgian Official Journal on 5 February 2004 dictates that any organisation with 200+ staff located in the Brussels Capital Region must prepare a mobility plan containing both a company transport plan including the current state of affairs and an action plan.

The information thus obtained is used to take effective policy measures with respect to mobility.

More information

For more information or for an appointment with an NMBS/SNCB account manager, please fill out the web form or phone 02 528 25 28 (weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm).

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