Travel Tools for business

train info servicesIt is essential for any company or organisation to be easily accessible for employees and customers. For this reason, NMBS/SNCB developed Mobility Travel Tools for business. With these applications you can provide optimum information to your visitors about how to reach your premises by public transport.
  • Accessibility tool
    • Directions tailored to your needs on your website
    • Including public transport timetable
  • Departure board
    • Screen showing scheduled departures
    • Information about the timetable, on your own premises
  • Widget journey planner
    • Mini version of the NMBS/SNCB route planner on your website
    • Including public transport timetable

Accessibility tool

The Accessibility tool web page can be easily integrated into your website. It contains all the necessary information about how to reach your company by public transport: a dynamic map containing the location of your company, departure tables for stations nearby and a route planner.

The map

The map adopts the elements of your choice:
  • Zoom in on your company's location
  • Automatic display of all the NMBS/SNCB stations, bus stops, trams and subway stations
  • Suggest recommended routes
  • Add information by means of icons (e.g. 'bicycle parking', or '7 min.' to indicate the walking distance from the station to your premises).

Departure tables

The timetable of public transport close to your company/organisation. You may indicate four stations or stops of your choice. A departure screen will appear on the web page for each station. Real time information for trains providing the visitor with the latest information on any delays.

Route planner

The built-in route planner offers each visitor the ideal, door-to-door solution by public transport.

In addition, the built-in PDF creator combines the Map and individual travel information into one single PDF. Easy to print and convenient to take en route!

Advantages for your company

  • You select the information you want to share. Your sheet is ready within minutes.
  • No complicated IT applications or cartographic tools.
  • The Accessibility tool is totally free of charge.
  • You can provide a personal touch by adding logos, texts or photos.
  • Contribution to sustainable mobility: real added value to your company image.

View an example of an Accessibility tool

Departure board

This application provides on-screen information about upcoming public transport departures in your company's area. The information is based on train, bus, tram or subway timetables. Train departures are shown in real time. Your visitors and employees thus have the latest information about any delays.

You could show the departure table on a large screen in your company's reception area. In addition you could add a link to the application on your intraweb for easy access for your staff.


  • Customers and staff receive information about public transport departure times and any delays while they are at your premises, allowing them to better plan their time.
  • This application is offered by NMBS/SNCB. All you need to do is place a screen linked to a computer in the reception area of your company.

Widget journey planner

The widget is a mini version of the NMBS/SNCB route planner that can be easily integrated into your website. By showing the address of your company, subsidiary or event as the standard point of departure or arrival you make it easy for visitors of your website to plan their route to your location by public transport (train, bus, subway or tram), optionally combined with travel on foot/by bicycle. A real time timetable allows train travellers to check for any delays.


  • The widget takes up very little space on the web page - ideal for your professional customer website and for your intranet.
  • Simple installation procedure; user-friendly and free of charge.

How to apply?

NMBS/SNCB offers the Travel Tools for business free of charge. Simply follow the steps below:

For Accessibility tool and Departure board :

  • Step 1: Submit your application by using this form.
  • Step 2: NMBS/SNCB sends and approval via email, including the technical description of the installation of the ‘Accessibility tool’ and the ‘Departure board’.

For the Widget journey planner:

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