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Taking the train to work, and the Third-Party Payer Agreement

passengersFor people who take the train to get to work each day, using one of our Railcards is the cheapest option.

There are 3 types of railcards for your employees:

  • Journey Railcard: railcard for a fixed journey
  • Network Railcard: unlimited daily travel across the entire Belgian network
  • Part-time Railcard: the solution for part-time employees

As an employer you assume a large part of the costs of the Railcard: it is your obligation by virtue of the statutory employer contribution.

You can calculate the statutory minimum (pdf) (only available in Dutch or French) for any given route.

Obviously the employer contribution may exceed the statutory minimum. The percentage may add up to 80% or more.

Reduce the administrative formalities for your company

As a general principle, your employee pays the full price at the counter and you subsequently reimburse the employer contribution to the employee. This obviously requires an intensive administrative procedure.

To simplify things a system was developed that practically rids you of any administration whatsoever: the Third-Party Payer Agreement.

Your employee now only pays his/her individual part upon validation of his/her railcard. And in the case of free home to work travel, he/she pays nothing at all at the counter – NMBS/SNCB simply invoices you for the employer contribution.

Enter into a third party payer agreement online.

You define the level of your employer contribution

Your employer contribution can add up to 80% of the travel costs, or more.

In this case, you can enjoy the benefits offered by the government with respect to free home to work travel.

If you offer free home-work travel to your employees, you have the option to enter into a Third-Party Payer agreement online and enjoy even greater administrative benefits.

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