Parking at the station

parkingWhen you’re travelling by train, it’s much more practical to find somewhere to park close to your station and to be able to leave your vehicle there until you get back.

NMBS/SNCB Parking for your car or motorbike (> 125cc)

Car park operation is managed by the NMBS/SNCB Group but also by private concessionaries, local authorities or community services. The type of operator can affect which parking options are available at the ticket office.

Useful information and rates for the car parks can be found on the B-Parking website.

Choose the rate to suit your needs:

  • Regular traveller: if you have a Railcard (except Part-Time Railcards and Campus Railcards) or a pass in your name
  • Occasional traveller: if you have a Part-Time Railcard of Campus Railcard
  • Non train traveller

More information about car parks who are not owned by NMBS/SNCB:

Bike, moped and motorbike parking (< 125cc)

If you’ve chosen two-wheeled transport to get you to the station, we’ve got a parking solution for you.

  • Free: parking for bikes, mopeds and/or motorcycles (up to 125cc)
  • Paid: automated, secure parking

Practical information

  • Check the facilities at your station to find out if there’s parking.
  • If you are travelling with your eID, make sure you print your confirmation email. This is the only proof of purchase you need to take advantage of the special rate.
  • Refunds of parking subscriptions are subject to the same conditions as Railcard refunds.
  • General information about our parking products only available in French (pdf) or Dutch (pdf)

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