Third-party payer agreement

Simplifying your administration

With a Third-Party Payer Agreement, all the employer contributions paid to your employees are settled with the NMBS/SNCB simultaneously and directly. This puts an end to the administrative hassle of individual settlement of the employer contributions.

Your employees only pay the remaining part and you decide about its content: you may either pay the statutory minimum employer contribution (varying from 69.1% to 75.6% depending on the distance), or opt to pay a higher contribution.

If you opt for the statutory minimum contribution, NMBS/SNCB will adapt it automatically in case of any statutory increases. No further action is required on your part.

A Third-party payer agreement also lets you benefit from a state contribution connected with free home to work travel.

Enter into a third party payer agreement online.

To be arranged by contract: choose your own employer contribution

The Third-Party Payer Agreement offers flexibility as regards the benefits you choose to extend to your staff:

  • Only the statutory minimum contribution
  • A contribution that lies between the statutory minimum and totally free-of-charge home to work travel
  • Completely free travel for your staff in 2nd class, or in 1st class against payment of a supplementary fee whereby the latter can be made payable by either the employer or the employee
  • Free travel in 2nd class for some staff, 1st class for others
  • Free 1st class travel for all your staff.

A separate third-party payer agreement can be concluded in case you decide to assume payment of the 1st class supplementary fee or the fixed fees of De Lijn, MIVB/STIB or TEC in a combined rail card.

Set the term of validation yourself

  • In the Third-Party Payer Agreement, the employer defines how validation takes place: monthly, quarterly or annually. A one-year validation costs ten times the price of a one-month validation (you get two months free).
  • You receive one general invoice in the month following the validation of the railcards.
  • VAT (6%) may be reclaimed after payment of the invoice.
  • A personal access code provides access to our website where you can check invoice details (invoices are kept for four months, including a summary of the employees' IDs and the amounts invoiced).

Management tool for preparing payslips

Our website contains a summary of all the validations for your staff for the year which you are free to use for preparing the annual wage slips for your personnel. Obviously the data is accessible only via a personal access code.

For employees who leave your company, you can request restitution of the Railcards that were in use by those persons. Any new employees are obviously free to enjoy the benefits of the agreement between your company and NMBS/SNCB; no additional changes are required.

Advantages for your employees

Since you are being invoiced directly for the employer contribution, your employees no longer have to pay the full amount for validation of their Railcard or advance the amount and then request repayment of the employer contribution.

If your employees opt for a fixed deduction of professional expenses in their tax returns, the employer contribution is tax free, even it is exceeds the statutory minimum.

How to apply for and validate a Rail card

The one-off set-up of the mother card (the Railcard) can be done only at the ticket counter. After set-up of the agreement we send you a certificate based on which you can have a personalised certificate drawn up for every employee, which they can then use to have their Railcard configured.

Railcards purchased in the Third-Party Payer system can be validated in the same way as other railcards:

  • At the counter at the station: for the set-up of the mother card your employees need visit the counter at a station of their choice only once.
  • Online: the validation is sent to the address of the person involved once it is issued.

VRF: verify your invoice details online

The VRF application allows you to verify your invoice details. You can download a report in Excel (or flat file format) with an overview of all purchases per employee and the according amounts. The data remains at your disposal during four months and is secured by a personal password.

Verify your invoice details online

More information

For more information or for an appointment with an NMBS/SNCB account manager, please fill out the web form or phone 02 528 25 28 (weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm).

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