Business E-Ticketing

Business E-Ticketing is a tool that allows you to purchase tickets for your employees or customers. You pay for the tickets after receipt of the invoice.

Who has access to Business E-Ticketing?

contractual ticket onlineThe service is available for free to all our partners (companies, associations, individuals and legal entities) who have entered into a ‘Business E-ticketing’ agreement.

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What are the advantages of ‘Business E-Ticketing’?

With ‘Business E-ticketing’ you can offer an extra service to your staff/customers: they can purchase their ticket directly from you.

  • When ordering tickets, you choose from the following options:
    • Delivery of the ticket to your mailbox. You print the ticket and hand it to the passenger
    • Ticket delivery directly to the passenger; he/she can then print it her/himself. In that case the buyer will receive a confirmation email.
    • You may also opt for 'ticketless' travel. The ordered ticket is then linked to the passenger's electronic ID card.
  • Less administrative hassle for your company
  • Puts you in control of ticket use
  • CTOL adapts itself to your company: you decide who has which competences within your company. 
  • Monthly invoices
  • You can also handle the payment via domiciliation

Is Business E-Ticketing secure?

Purchases via ‘Business E-Ticketing’ are secure, among other things due to the requirement of a personal password. The system also allows you to check the status of your purchases at any time.

How are payments made?

Each month you receive an invoice,which you can pay in the following 30 days. Via 'Business E-Ticketing' you can also  check the details of the tickets purchased in the past month.

Interested in the concept?

For more information or for an appointment with an NMBS/SNCB account manager, please fill out the web form or phone 02 528 25 28 (weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm).

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