Tickets in large quantities

Are you organising a conference, business trips, training courses or any other type of event for your staff or customers? Do you want to offer a train journey to your customers, partners or staff?

bulkWith its bulk agreement option, NMBS/SNCB gives you the possibility of purchasing large quantities of train tickets at a fixed price per ticket. You receive bulk tickets which you can then distribute to the end users.

The characteristics of bulk tickets

  • Bulk tickets are personalised for your company (e.g. the ticket can feature the name of your company, organisation or event).
  • They are issued for pre-printed (fixed) routes or optional routes (to be filled out by the passenger) between two Belgian stations (with the exception of border points).
  • The tickets are either valid on a fixed (preprinted) date, or the date is open (day and date of travel are filled out by the passenger). The tickets with an open travel date carry a 'valid until' date.
  • Orders possible as from 300 tickets
  • Since the price is determined by contract, there is no price indicated on the tickets.
  • Under certain conditions, unfilled or unused tickets can be refunded.
  • Bulk tickets may not be sold to third parties.

And the price?

The calculated price is based, inter alia, on past travel statistics: quantity, distance, day of travel, carriage class.

Bulk tickets must be paid in full prior to delivery.


  • Centralised purchase including invoice.
  • Guaranteed price during the period the tickets are valid.
  • Train tickets can be included in an invitation to an event, or handed to the passenger in person (e.g. for a congress, meeting, an event, a course, work trip, etc.).
  • No need for the passenger to visit the counter at the station. All he needs to do is to have his ticket validated by the station of departure and/or arrival, and, if necessary, fill in the travel day and date.
  • Simplification of the administrative procedure: no individual reimbursements of the travel expenses.


For more information or for an appointment with an NMBS/SNCB account manager, please fill out the web form or phone 02 528 25 28 (weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm).

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