How to apply for a Free Carer Card?

Who is it for?

You can claim a Free Carer Card if you are unable to travel alone due to one of the following disabilities:
  • reduced independence of at least 12 points according to the degree of autonomy evaluation guide
  • permanent disability or inability to work of at least 80%
  • permanent disability in the lower limbs causing a disability rate of at least 50%
  • total paralysis or amputation of the upper limbs
  • a category 3 or higher integration allowance

If you are a foreign national but you are resident in Belgium, you can apply for the ‘Free Carer’ Card.


At a ticket office during the opening hours of the station of your choice.

By post to the following address:
10-14 B-MS.1322
Avenue de la Porte de Hal 40
1060 Brussels

What do you need?

  • The completed application form (pdf)
  • A certificate issued by one of the following institutions:
    • The Department in charge of services for the disabled (Certificates Office) at the Ministry of Social Affairs, Public Health and the Environment
    • The authorities that have recognised a disability level
    • The insurers who pay compensation on the basis of a recognised disability level
    • The Occupational Accidents Fund (FAT/FAO)
    • The Fund for Occupational Diseases (FMP/FBZ)
    • Recognised welfare organisations who pay compensation to mineworkers on the basis of a recognised disability level  
    • The Ministry of Finance Pensions Department for people receiving a pension based on a recognised disability level
    • The organisations that grant supplementary family benefits
    • The official bodies of European Union Member States that grant compensation, provided the equivalence of their certificates has been recognised.
If you meet the relevant criteria, you will be asked to come and collect your Free Carer Card from the station of your choice, in return for:
  • A recent passport photograph
  • A processing fee of € 5

What to do if you haven't got a valid certificate?

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