Journey Railcard

woman on her way to work

If you take the train to work every day by the same route.

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Part-Time Railcard

woman next to train

If you travel on the same route 2 or 3 times a week, then the Part-Time Railcard is perfect for you.

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Network Railcard

man working on train

The ideal solution for your long journeys (over 146 km) or a range of journeys.

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School Railcard

group youths going to school

Low-cost and hassle-free travel to university or school.

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Campus Card

student in station

If you’re a student who doesn’t travel every day, go for the Campus Card. 

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Railcard with De Lijn

Tram De Lijn

A combined railcard for your main route by train with the entire De Lijn network.

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Railcard with TEC


Combine rail travel with travel on the TEC network.

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Railcard with MIVB/STIB


Travel by train and tram, metro or bus on the MIVB/STIB network with one ticket.

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Citywide Season Ticket


Did you know that you can use a City Season Ticket for unlimited travel by train, tram, metro or bus in Brussels, Charleroi and Liège?

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