Railcard with MIVB/STIB

Bus MIVBYou can combine travel by train with travel on the MIVB/STIB network. With the combined Railcard you only have to use one ticket for all your journeys.

  • Your Railcard combines your main route with the MIVB/STIB network (Brussels) (except on the Bourget-Brussels Airport section of lines 12 and 21)
  • To get the combined Railcard, your departure or destination station must be in the Brussels zone or Ruisbroek, Lot, Buda or Vilvoorde.
  • The Journey Railcard, School Railcard and Network Railcard can be combined with the MIVB/STIB city network.
  • You can calculate the price of your Railcard simply by adding on the MIVB/STIB supplement to find out the overall cost.
  • Your Railcard is available immediately from the ticket office.

Railcard + MOBIB card

Since access gates were installed on the MIVB/STIB network, you automatically get a MOBIB card when you apply for a combined MIVB/STIB subscription. Both passes can be used together.

Practical information

  • If you are under 25, it is advisable to buy the MIVB/STIB subscription separately.
  • If you are 25 years old and you want to pay each month or every three months, the MIVB/STIB add-on is the best solution for you.
  • If you'd also like to use other transport companies in Brussels (TEC/De Lijn), it's best to buy a Journey Railcard and an MTB separately.

Practical information

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