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Sales channels
  • Online (PDF, eID and SMS)
  • Ticket counter
  • Dispenser
  • On the train (On-board Fare applicable)

Demand card: at the ticket counter only.
1st class tickets via all channels.

Target group
  • For professional journalists or interns who have a 'card for journalists (code 043)' issued by NMBS/SNCB.
  • For AGJPB staff, staff or international associations, media directions, etc. who have a 'card for journalists (code 050)' issued by NMBS/SNCB.
Area of validity
Journey between 2 Belgian stations/stops, not including border stations
Period of validity
Validation for 1 year.
  • 2nd class: free transport with journalists card.
  • 1st class: 75% discount on the price of a standard ticket. The discount applies only to the amount of the standard price of single tickets exceeding fixed payment of € 0.9965 (in 2nd class, 1st class: x 1.54).
  • 2nd class: No Diabolo surcharge
  • 1st class: For journeys from/to/via Brussels Airport - Zaventem, the Diabolo surcharge is included in the total price. In the case of a round-trip ticket this surcharge is calculated twice. Once for the outward journey and once for the return journey.
Via route
Class upgrade
Not applicable
Break in journey
Journey extension
Changing route
Alternative return journey
  • Online tickets are not refundable
  • More info about refunds
In your name
  • Discount card strictly personal
  • Tickets in PDF format and on eID are registered in your name
Transferable Discount card strictly personal
Travel class
Available in 1st class (2nd class is not applicable, journalist card is travel ticket)
Type journey Single journey or return journey

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* Notwithstanding the extreme care we devoted to this information, mistakes for which we cannot accept responsibility may have crept in. Should there be a discrepancy, the valid conditions are as indicated in the Terms and Conditions for Transport of NMBS/SNCB.

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