Travel with your pet

pet in cage - dimensions: max 30x30x55 cmPets are welcome on board trains on condition that it remains safe and pleasant for other passengers. For a small price, you don't need to leave your favourite companion home alone.

Take your sweetheart with you on the train

  • Free for small pets in baskets, cages, boxes or other sealed containers which are not bigger than the dimensions shown in the picture above
  • Free for guide dogs or assistance dogs
  • € 3 for animals on a lead with a Pet ticket

Buy your Pet ticket online

Find all information on the Pet ticket page

Do you regularly travel with your dog or cat on a lead?

  • If it is always the same journey, you can purchase a 10-journey card for your pet.
  • If you travel with a Key Card, then you can also fill in an additional line for your pet.

Keep it pleasant for everyone

  • Muzzles are not compulsory for dogs, although they are recommended. However, the train conductor may request that you apply the muzzle to the dog.
  • Your pet is not allowed to take up space on seats or on tables, and must not cause any inconvenience for other passengers.

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