0800/30 230 - Security in stations and trains

Did you know …

…that the SNCB-Group has a free emergency number?  The number 0800/30 230 is available 24/7. You can call it for help or if you notice something suspicious (children playing on the tracks, graffiti sprayers, copper thieves, aggression...).

(TIP: Save the number 0800/30 230 in your mobile phone. That way help is always near and you can contribute to safer stations and trains)

Securail watches over your safety in the stations and trains. The security officers do interventions and carry out preventive patrols in railway areas. You can recognize them by their red uniform. Do not hesitate to address them whenever you have a problem, they are always there for you.

A few security tips

How to avoid problem situations?

  • Be alert and anticipate possible problem situations
  • Avoid eye contact with troublemakers and do not react to provocations
  • Do not go and sit in an empty compartment, look for the company of other travellers
  • Do not be a hero: do not take unnecessary risks to protect your belongings. Rather call the emergency number 0800/30 230 as quickly as possible.

What to do when you are a victim or a witness of aggression?

  • Assess the situation well. Your own safety comes first of course.
  • Ask bystanders for help.
  • Call the emergency number 0800/30 230 of Securail or the police (112) if you, other travellers or an employee of the SNCB-Group are victim of aggression. The number is free and even if you do not have credit, you can reach Securail.
  • Make sure you are a good witness and remember the distinct features of the offender: accurately tell Securail or the police what you saw.

How to protect yourself from pickpockets?

  • Always close your handbag and carry it between arm and body with the zipper/fastener facing the inside.
  • If you take your wallet out to pay, try not to show the contents of it to bystanders.
  • Never lose your luggage out of sight and never leave it unattended. Do not put valuable objects visibly on the trolley.
  • Pickpockets often work as a team: one person tries to distract you, the other one steals. So be alert when strangers approach you or ‘accidently’ bump into you.
  • Do not keep your wallet or mobile phone in your inside pocket when you are in the train, because you can easily get robbed by the person sitting behind you.
  • Always pay attention to your luggage when you place it in the luggage rack.

What to do when you are a victim of pickpockets?

  • Always report it to the police
  • Remember the features of the offender. Accurately tell Securail or the police what you saw. The SNCB-Group disposes of the largest camera network in Belgium. The images can also help with the identification of the offenders. In 2011, the images were consulted by the police 4054 times and in 79 % of the cases the offence was registered by the camera network.

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