What does the S stand for?

The S is used to specify SNCB's suburban train service. The trains of this service are called S-trains.

The suburban train service

  • covers a 30 km area around a city. This area is called the suburban zone of the conurbation;
  • consists of train connections that connect the cities with the municipalities in the suburban area. The connections are called S-connections. Each S-connection has its own colour and number;
  • Was launched 13 December 2015 for the suburban zone of Brussels;

The commercial term 'S' is used to indicate:

S offer 

How will these changes affect you?

New stops and better connections

Since December 2015, several S trains serve the new Germoir and Tour & Taxis stops. As from April 2016, new services will also pass through the Schuman-Josaphat tunnel. The European district is therefore better connected to many suburban stations.

Brussels is fully accessible to you

Stations in the S area are also gateways to the TEC, De Lijn and STIB networks. There are numerous options available for combined passes:

  • With the JUMP card and the MTB pass, you can travel within the Brussels agglomeration on the STIB, De Lijn and TEC networks, as well as on trains within the Brussels zone.
  • With the combined SNCB + STIB pass, you can travel on SNCB trains and on the entire STIB metro, tram and bus networks.
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