When are you not entitled to compensation?

  • If you did not have a valid ticket at the moment of the train delay.
  • If the delay was caused by a different transport company (De Lijn, TEC, MIVB/STIB).
  • When there is a strike that is publically announced and filed at least 8 days ahead of time by the recognized labour unions (except if you bought your ticket before that date).
  • When the delay was the result of force majeure, for instance natural disasters or extreme weather conditions. 'Force majeure' can only be a reason for refusal of compensation for recurrent delays, so not for delays of at least 60 minutes.
  • If you were travelling with a Jump Card, a MTB card or proof of a free journey.
  • If you were told about the delay before you bought your ticket.
  • If it concerns a delay of less than 60 minutes and you continue your journey via an alternative route or train.
  • If you experienced a delay both during the outward and return journey and less than 2 hours passed between the time of arrival of the outward journey and the time of departure of the return journey.
When are you entitled to compensation?

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