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    • Terminology A to I

      Accompanied luggage

      Hand luggage and cycles/tandems accepted for transport.

      Administrative fee

      The figure set by the Terms and conditions for transport, applicable for refunds of tickets and other transport vouchers. Amount set by the Terms and conditions for transport, which must be paid in the case of a lost or expired rail card, discount card or general city travelcard.

      Break in journey

      There is a break in the journey if the passenger intentionally misses the first connection which would take him to his destination fastest.

      Connection point

      Station where at least two SNCB lines join.

      Electronic wallet

      If you purchase a season ticket, we create an electronic wallet for you. We pay the compensation you receive for train delays into this wallet.

      You can use the balance of your electronic wallet online to renew your season ticket(1). You can purchase all SNCB products at the ticket office, including traveller's cheques. You can also use your electronic wallet to renew a season ticket which is linked to your MOBIB card.

      (1) only the season ticket which is linked to the electronic wallet/MOBIB card

      Fixed fee

      A supplement set by the Terms and conditions for transport which must be paid in the event of an irregularity.

      Frontier point

      The concept of "frontier point" is used for pricing tickets. This does not mean a station for passengers to board or alight. The frontier points are: Roosendaal-Grens, Visé-Frontière, Aachen-Süd-Grenze, Gouvy-Frontière, Sterpenich-Frontière, Jeumont-Frontière, Quévy-Frontière, Blandain-Frontière, Tourcoing-Frontière.

      Full fare

      The price without any discounts published in the Terms and conditions for transport.

      Hand luggage

      Easy-to-carry items which passengers can take in the carriages with them, as well as harmless pets, safely enclosed.

      Hire customer

      An individual hiring a bike privately or individuals hiring bikes for a group for which they are responsible.


      The person entitled to the ticket.

      Issuing fee

      Figure set by the Terms and conditions for transport for the issue of

      • a ticket in a train
      • a railcard or 50% discount card
      • a duplicate railcard or 50% discount card
      • a large families discount card
      • a priority seat card
      • a free carer card
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    • Terminology J to R


      Journey between the point of departure and the destination selected by the passenger.


      All the stations and frontier points.

      Night-time break in rail service

      The time when the last train on the line used by the passenger ends its run in accordance with the Official Timetable.

      Normal fare

      The price a traveller must pay taking into account any discount which can be claimed on patriotic, social, occupational or commercial grounds when boarding.


      To approach the train staff as soon as possible, i.e. before boarding the train or immediately after departure.


      This term refers to men, women, and children.

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    • Terminology S to Z


      Passenger boarding and alighting point shown in the Official Timetable. A station which is not served by sales staff is referred to as an unstaffed stopping point (PANG).


      The Terms and conditions for transport as a whole.

      Transport companies

      • SNCB: Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Belges
      • NMBS: Nationale Maatschappij der Belgische Spoorwegen
      • STIB : Société de Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles
      • TEC : Société Régionale Wallonne du Transport
      • De Lijn : Vlaamse Vervoermaatschappij

      Up-grade fee

      A supplement a passenger must pay if he wants to travel in 1st class but only has a 2nd class ticket.

      Via Station

      A station where holders of via tickets can stop.

      Via Ticket

      Ticket entitling travellers to pass through a specific station with a single break in the journey at there (the "via" station).

      Working days

      Monday to Friday, with the exception of public holidays.


      A set of stations grouped within a single fare rating point.

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