• Look
    • What does a Railcard look like?

      Almost all railcards are now on MOBIB cards.

      Only a couple of railcards are available in the classical format (Campus and Part-Time Railcards). These Railcards always include:

      • The laminated main card with the card holder’s photo and data
      • The validation ticket showing the travel validity period, and 10 pre-printed journeys for the Campus and Part-Time Railcards.


  • Request
    • Getting a new or duplicate Railcard

      What do you need?

      • Your electronic identity card (in order to produce your MOBIB card) or an official document proving your identity.
      • If your employer has signed a third-party payment agreement with SNCB, show the corresponding certification form completed by your employer.
      • If you want a subscription combined with the TEC Next supplement, specify at the counter the name of the two TEC stops on your route.

      Special requests

      • If you wish, you can download a application form (PDF) and complete it for a third party, for example. You can submit the completed and signed form when handing in your request at the counter.
      • If you are older than 18 and want a School Railcard or Campus card, you must submit an
        NMBS/SNCB school certificate (PDF) completed by your school. For the School Railcard loaded on a MOBIB card, it is necessary to send in each year a new application together with a school certificate.
      • When it is no longer possible to obtain a duplicate, you must contact the Customer Service.
  • Validation
    • Validating your Railcard
      Order and pay for your validation securely online, at any time and from the comfort of your own home.

      Please note: If you are 18 years old or older, your school railcard expires after 1 year. In order to extend your school railcard, you have to submit a new school attestation online or at the ticket counter, every year. 

      You can order up to 31 days in advance.

    • What is a valid school certificate?
      On a school certificate, your school board acknowledges your enrolment during the period for which you wish to renew your school season ticket.
      You can request your school board to complete the 'SNCB school certificate', or your school might issue its own certificate. It contains the following data: your name, your address, your date of birth, the period for which you are enrolled, and the stamp and signature of your school board.
      Please note! If you are or will turn 26 during the requested validity period of your season ticket, your school season ticket cannot be uploaded onto your Mobib card. This is due to the fact that you are no longer entitled to the school rate from the age of 26.
    • What is a third payment party certificate?
      If your employer (or another third party) has an agreement with SNCB to cover (part of) the costs of its employees' season tickets, this must be proven at the counter by means of a third payment party certificate. This certificate can be obtained directly from your employer and proves that your employer covers (part of) your season ticket.
      Depending on the agreement between the employer and SNCB, the school season tickets of the employee's children may be (partly) paid for by the employer. In that case, the same third payment party certificate is required upon the application for (and renewal of) the school season ticket.
    • What happens if your school season ticket is not valid?
      If you are 18 years or older (and younger than 26), you can renew your school season ticket online by uploading your school certificate. Should the school certificate you have uploaded be invalid, you will be notified via email. We will cancel your validation and your season ticket will be removed from your MOBIB card. We will also reimburse the full amount if the validation period has not yet begun. If the validation period has already begun, we will charge an administration fee of € 10.
  • Employer's Contribution
    • How to benefit from the employer's contribution?

      If your employer has signed a third-party payment contract

      You will pay nothing or only part of the cost of your Railcard subject based on a certificate from your employer. Your employer will pay the rest or all of the charges for you.

      If your employer has not signed a third-party payment contract

      You pay for your Railcard in full. The compulsory employer’s contribution (PDF) will be reimbursed by your employer.

  • Forgotten - lost
    • What to do if you lose or forget your Railcard?

      Don’t panic! We know it can happen to anyone.

      Forgotten Railcard

      • Buy a ticket at the On-board Fare (normal ticket price + € 7) and take your on-board ticket as well as your railcard which was valid on the day of the facts to any ticket office within 14 calendar days (including the date of the facts).  You will be reimbursed for the total fare amount. 
      • If you fail to buy a ticket at the On-board Fare for whichever reason, the train conductor will be required to issue a Penalty Fare Notice (€ 75). Within 14 calendar days (including the date of the facts), you will have to present your railcard which was valid on the date of the notice, as well as the penalty fare notice at the ticket office.  The notice will be cancelled.

      Lost or stolen Railcard

      You can apply for a duplicate of your validation or a duplicate of the main card and validation, except for Half-Time and Campus Railcards.

  • Refund
    • Exchange or refund of your Railcard


      Only at a ticket office during the opening hours of the station of your choice.

      Changing the type, journey or class of your Railcard


      Railcards can be exchanged before the expiry date of the validation ticket, with no breaks between the validation periods.

      What do you need?

      • Your current Railcard
      • A recent passport photo
      • The fee of € 5 for issuing your new card

      The amount corresponding to the number of days when your old Railcard was not being used will be refunded to you directly. The day on which the validation ticket is returned counts as a day of use.

      Refund of your Railcard

      • If you return your validation ticket before the date it becomes valid, then you'll receive a full refund, after deduction of administration charges.
      • Half-Time and Campus Railcards will only be refunded if they are returned before they become valid.
      • If you return your ticket while it is valid, the time you’ve had it will be deducted from what you paid, and an administrative charge will be applied.

      Retroactive refund for reasons of illness

      A request to receive a refund for a period in the past, even if the validation ticket has not fully expired, must be accompanied by supporting documents (original medical certificate) confirming that the Railcard holder was unable to travel during the period for which they wish to be reimbursed. 

      In this case, please contact Customer Services.

    • How much will be withheld in the event of a refund?

      If you return your validation ticket while it's still valid, the months of use and an administrative charge will be deducted from the amount refunded. Every month that has started will be counted as a whole month.

      To calculate the amount withheld, the ticket office staff will use:

      • Railcards with monthly validation are not eligible for a refund.
      • Railcards with annual validation: price of the railcard minus 30% for the first month of use and 10% more for each subsequent month started. An administrative fee will also be charged.
      • Railcards with quarterly validation: price of the railcard minus 40% for the first month of use and 30% more for each subsequent month started.  An administrative fee will also be charged.
      • Depending on the number of months used, the following refund percentage will apply according to the validation frequency:
      refund % after month:
      year  70%  60%  50%  40%  30%  20%  10%  0%
      quarter  60%  30%  0%  x  x  x  x  x

      For example

      A one-year Railcard (€ 1632 for 58 km) is returned after 2 months and 3 weeks' use:

      1632 x 50% = € 816.00

      Administrative charge = € 10.00 => 816.00 – 10.00 = € 806.00 refund.

    • How much will be withheld in the event of an exchange?

      If you exchange your Railcard while it is valid, you will receive a refund minus an amount calculated pro-rata according to the effective number of days' use and an administrative charge of € 10.

      For example

      A one-month Railcard (€ 163 for 58 km) is returned after 8 days' use:

      163 - (163 x 8/30*) = rounded to the nearest 10 cents => € 119.50

      Administrative charge = € 10.00 => 119.50 – 10.00 = € 109.50 refund.

      * To calculate the sum withheld, we use the effective number of days' use of your validation: 28, 29, 30 or 31 days for a monthly validation; 89, 90, 91 or 92 days for a quarterly validation; 365 or 366 days for an annual validation.

    • If you've had to buy tickets while waiting for your Railcard or duplicate

      Refunded with no charges

      Tickets will be refunded in full with no charges if:
      • The journey and class on the tickets are the same as those mentioned on your Railcard application form;
      • The travel dates fall within the Railcard’s validity period.
        • From the date of application for an NMBS/SNCB-only Railcard or a Railcard in combination with a TEC city network, an MIVB/STIB network or a full De Lijn network.
        • From the 5th day after application (including the application date itself) for a Railcard in combination with a TEC bus journey.


      Only at a ticket office during the opening hours of the station of your choice.


      The tickets must be presented within 14 calendar days, date of travel included (potentially from the date of travel on the last ticket issued).

  • Route
    • Which journey?
      When applying for your Railcard, you must state your travel needs:
      • A train journey only
      • A train journey combined with MIVB/STIB, TEC* or De Lijn.

      * For travel on TEC buses, please tell us the exact names of the stops to request from TEC.

      Breaking your journey

      • You can get on or off at any station along your route.
      • You can take a different route:
        • If it means you arrive at your destination more quickly
        • If you don’t break the journey you are currently on
        • If you don’t travel further than your destination station and then come back to it

      Special circumstances for Campus and Half-Time Railcards

      • Break in journey is allowed on the route
      • Journeys cannot be combined with MIVB/STIB, TEC or De Lijn

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