Subsidiaries and affiliates of the SNCB

The SNCB works with subsidiaries and affiliates for the marketing of rail transport and related services which bring added value to transport as such.  Here is an overview of most of the subsidiaries and affiliates. A complete account is given in the annual report.

Freight Transport

SNCB Logistics

SNCB Logistics is an efficient international autonomous logistics group that is part of the SNCB Group. The head office is in Brussels, but the group is active in 11 European countries. The group was created in 2008 by bringing together all the companies that were active in the freight division of the SNCB, with the objective of uniting the forces with the complementary activities in a single, dynamic structure.  On 1st February 2011 the company SNCB Logistics became operational as a railway operator and as an international group.

For further information on the transport of goods, visit the following sites:

Two major marketing subsidiaries of SNCB Logistics

All marketing activities are brought together in two specialised companies. They are in charge of all contacts with customers and of developing the group's logistics offer according to customers’ needs. The two specialists in this sector are the following:

  • Inter Ferry Boats (IFB)
    InterFerry Boats nv/sa is a subsidiary that is 100% independent of SNCB Logistics sa/nv and the commercial arm of all intermodal freight transport.  The company offers reliable multimodal solutions for container transport in Belgium and abroad, by rail and by barge. IFB also manages various terminals in Belgium, Germany and France for freight processing.
    Further information on IFB.
  • Xpedys
    Xpedys is an independent subsidiary of SNCB Logistics offering logistics solutions adapted to transport by rail, boat or lorry of metals and bulk products, chemicals and automotive products in Belgium and abroad.
    Further information on Xpedys.

You will find more information on the transport of goods at

International rail production:

SNCB Logistics has affiliation and collaboration agreements with corridor companies such as Cobra and Sibelit for transport of goods out of Belgium:

  • Sibelit
    Sibelit ensures traffic on the Belgium-Switzerland-Italy axis. Sibelit came into being following a collaboration agreement between SNCB Logistics (Belgium), SNCF (France), SBB Cargo (Switzerland) and CFL (Luxembourg). Central management of means further optimises traffic.
  • Cobra
    Cobra (Corridor Operations Belgium Rail) is a joint venture production company with DB Schenker Rail. The two historical railway companies collaborate in order to enhance the quality and efficiency of traffic in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. 

Furthermore, SNCB Logistics holds the permits and certificates necessary in order to drive trains in the north of France and in Germany.  SNCB Logistics also owns another subsidiary, OSR France, in charge of transport between France and Belgium and also within France. OSR France is an independent railway operator for a rapidly developing market.

International passenger transport

Thalys International

This company markets Thalys trains. It consists of a cooperation agreement between SNCB, SNCF, DB and NS. Thalys connects Brussels with Paris, Amsterdam and Cologne.

Eurostar International Limited

In September 2010, Eurostar changed its status from that of a marketing organisation to that of a fully-fledged international railway operator. The SNCB holds a 5% share in the new company, whereas the SNCF owns 55% of the shares and the British shareholder owns 40%.

BeNe Rail International

The SNCB and NS have created this company in order to develop a distribution platform for issuing international transport tickets, including for the line between Brussels and Amsterdam. 

Railtour SA

Railtour SA is a subsidiary selling international train journeys to travel agents.

For further information on the international offer, visit the site of SNCB Europe.

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