pictos stations

What does the Stations department do?

  • Improves mobility in Belgium
  • Develops and modernises stations and their surrounding areas
  • Improves facilities and services inside stations
  • Plays a central role in urban development

What are the main priorities for the future?

The main priority of the Stations department is to turn stations and their surrounding areas into intermodal hubs and dynamic business centres, by focusing on several key areas.

  • Accessibility: people with reduced mobility, connection to the road network, car and cycle parks, station connectivity;
  • Intermodality: connections to other forms of public transport, taxi and kiss & ride areas, car and bicycle sharing;
  • Sustainability: energy savings, new technologies, tackling vandalism;
  • Station functionality: services, accessibility for people with reduced mobility, signage and information;
  • Safety: fire safety, anti-intrusion, lighting;
  • Urban development.

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