Welcome to this area, the human resources policy of SNCB will tell you more about the possibilities of internships, visits and jobs in SNCB.

Working at SNCB

Over 20,200 employees work at SNCB. To find out about the various professions in our company, feel free to browse the recruitment site, (FR/NL) where you can find a lotof information from the testimonies of our employees. Over the next 10 years, 50% of the staff of the SNCB Group will retire. This is why the SNCB Group is now conducting a vigorous recruitment campaign. By taking on around 1,500 new employees per year we will be able to anticipate these departures and optimise the transfer of knowledge and skills. SNCB is always looking for new talent. So feel free to join us!

Read the job pages: FR/NL

Where and how can you find us ?

Do you want to visit our head office at 40 avenue de la Porte de Hal in 1060 Brussels?
Click on the plan below for a detailed access plan.
To use public transport, visit our Timetables page.

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