SNCB-Procurement & Investments (B-PI) is responsible for the purchases and logistics of SNCB.

B-PI manages the purchases for the different services and directions of SNCB. This includes purchasing of rolling stock as well as purchases of other investment goods, consumables, services and energy.

Purchases are carried out in the framework of the law concerning public procurement contracts – Special sectors. In conformity with rules of notice, all planned purchases with a value of EUR 414,000 and more are announced in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). Furthermore, all planned purchases destined for activities of public service of SNCB with a value of EUR 170,000 and more are announced in the Procurement Bulletin of the Belgian Official Journal. You can also consult these announcements on the webpage ‘Announcements’.

For a number of strategic products we work with qualified suppliers. You will find more information about this on the webpage ‘Qualifications’. In order to ascertain whether purchased goods conform to the requested quality, we have a ‘quality control’ department which also makes its services available to third parties.

Our staff members will gladly contact anyone who is considering making use of our services or would like to offer us their services.

If you are a potential supplier or would simply like to know more about SNCB Central Support, please consult SNCB Central Support.

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