Railway station services

Services en gareCore services and provision of space in railway stations

To enable international railway undertakings to welcome and provide information for their passengers in Belgian railway stations, SNCB provides several core services in its stations.* 

Annonces sonoresassistance PMRSurveillanceAutomates de vente 

  • Access to common areas and station facilities
  • Dynamic display and public announcements
  • Assistance for persons with reduced mobility
  • Safety in stations and throughout the railway network
  • Provision of space for ticket sales, automatic ticket machines and business lounges

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Railway station distribution - core service

SNCB offers station ticketing services to international railway undertakings where necessary.

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Cross-Channel services

To meet certain requirements, special areas for cross-Channel traffic are available at Bruxelles-Midi railway station. In these special areas, SNCB offers departure control services required for international train services to Great Britain.

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*These services, offered by SNCB, are provided to railway undertakings intending to operate international passenger services in accordance with European Directive 2012/34/EU, Royal Decree of 21 December 2013 and CODEX.

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