Light maintenance

Light maintenance services to be carried out by SNCB available to railway undertakings operating international passenger services include the following:

  • cleaning services (interior and exterior cleaning, windscreen cleaning) and toilet emptying.
  • light maintenance services (technical inspection, brake testing, inspection pit inspection, undercarriage pit inspection, etc.)
  • temporary storage of trains undergoing light maintenance.

Click on these links to find the list of services provided (FR/NL) and facilities concerned (FR/NL). (Documents only available in French and Dutch)

Conditions of access

  • The application must relate to light maintenance of TGV or standard passenger trains;
  • SNCB Technics must be recognised by the ECM of the railway undertaking as competent to undertake light maintenance;
  • The stock must be compatible with SNCB infrastructure;
  • The railway undertaking must possess commercial track access rights in Belgium and technical track access rights for access to SNCB infrastructure;
  • The stock requiring light maintenance must operate on the Belgian network;
  • Operating personnel of the railway undertaking in question must have the necessary certification to drive trains on the leased lines to get to SNCB infrastructure and on that network.
All other applications will be assessed on a case by case basis within the framework of à la carte services.

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